There is no storm we cannot find.


75% of tornado warnings are false alarms.


Every thunderstorm produces lightning.


The fastest wind speed ever recorded was 318mph.

Tropical Cyclones

$1.38 M/mile…cost for evacuating coastlines.


Raindrops can fall at speeds of 22mph.

Advanced Weather Systems Foundation

The Advanced Weather Systems Foundation (AWS) was created by Utah State University (USU) to conduct research and provide educational opportunities related to weather sensing applications. AWS’s research objectives build upon on the extensive experience in space sensor development at USU and the USU Research Foundation’s Space Dynamics Laboratory. The systems being developed by AWS will provide the scientific and academic communities with advanced hardware solutions and associated data processing to improve worldwide weather prediction. The research is driven by AWS engineers and scientists, USU professors, and USU students working on undergraduate and advanced degrees. AWS anticipates funding sources to include both governmental grants and sponsored research by private organizations.